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ActiveVOS is a service-oriented process automation platform. The needs of the architects, developers, and project managers can efficiently be addressed with the Active VOS tool. This tool is used to integrate people, processes and systems and, therefore, it increases the efficiency and the visibility of your business.

Features of Active VOS :

  • ActiveVOS Designer
  • ActiveVOS Central
  • ActiveVOS Server
  • ActiveVOS Screenflow
  • ActiveVOS Console

ActiveVOS Designer

A designer based on Eclipse allowing users to create MDM models, to implement processes, to simulate them by creating test data, etc. a server to deploy and run production MDM applications. It includes an administration and a user console. The administration console allows you to manage user permissions, monitor process status, configure processes, etc. The user console allows end users to complete their tasks, get some information on the execution of processes, etc.

  • ActiveVOS Designer Installation
  • Inbuilt ActiveVOS Designer Server
  • How to import MDM out of box workflow in ActiveVOS designer.

ActiveVOS Console

The ActiveVOS server administration console allows you to manage and configure the ActiveVOS engine and the resources distributed to it.

The administrative console provides several ways to select, inspect, and correct process instances and their deployment, execution, and server logs, descriptors, WSDL, and other resource files.

  • Web Application
  • Administrations use the ActiveVOS Console to manage deployed process, the alerting system and endpoint locations.
  • Also can be used for performance monitoring and management.

ActiveVOS Central

ActiveVOS Central is a browser-based application where end users can manage tasks, requests and reports. Activities are part of a running business process that requires human interaction. Requests are forms that can be sent to the server to start a new instance of a distributed business process. The reports display charts and graphs of interest to various users and groups.

  • Web Application
  • Business users can ActiveVOS Central to manage tasks, requests and reports.
  • In general business users use an Information data director (IDD) application to manage tasks because they can open the entities to review from the Task Manager.